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The Company

MedicalSyn emerged as an independent company in 2016 out of the process of transition from the eHealth work group (AG eHealth). This work group is a division of the Center for Clinical Neurosciences and was founded in 2008 at the University Hospital Dresden.

Core business of MedicalSyn is the development and operation of medical EDC-systems as well as associated eCRF and database solutions. The databases and registry systems developed and operated by MedicalSyn currently document more than 6,000 patients in national and international projects. In addition, MedicalSyn has many years of expertise in the development and operation of tablet-based survey systems for medical-clinical care situations and in clinical trials. Furthermore, MedicalSyn provides services in data management and pharmacovigilance.

MedicalSyn cooperates with national and international project partners.

Our Business

Our job is to support physicians, scientists and corporations making their perceptions quickly and accurately available for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, we specialize in the development and operation of medical recording and database systems. These systems are used to capture clinical parameters as well as for the standardized documentation of national and international studies.

Furthermore, our systems enable a direct interaction between physician, nurse, and patient, allowing continuous feedback during the treatment process and / or during a clinical trial. We also provide our project partners with services in the areas of safety and data management.

Our History

Supported by the non-profit Hertie Foundation the MSDS developer group began developing a medical documentation system for multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2001, which allowed multiple users to access data sets simultaneously. This Multiple Sclerosis Documentation System (MSDS) is titled “MSDS Klinik”.

The tradition of practice-oriented development of medical EDC- and eCRF-systems with associated database solutions was continued at the Center for Clinical Neurosciences of the University Hospital Dresden in 2008 under the direction of Professor Tjalf Ziemssen and our current CEO, Raimar Kern, by foundation of the eHealth work group.

Focusing on the increasingly complex therapies of MS Patients, the eHealth work group developed an innovative computer-based patient management system: MSDS3D. MSDS3D integrates physician, nurse and patient data in the field of multiple sclerosis multidimensionally. The system is not only able to capture and interpret patient data, but can also interactively convey information to the patient. MSDS3D can also map the preclinical and adjunctive examinations necessary for the application of complex therapies within a defined clinical path as well as interviews on various aspects of the disease.

Many years of experience contribute to design and functionality of multidimensional medical EDC- and eCRF-systems. Our systems are fully user-oriented and thus simplify the daily clinical documentation tasks of medical personnel as well as the management of patients. Meanwhile, this experience is also adapted and extended for other indication areas.




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